*Christmas poems for children*

It’s Christmas! Merry Christmas!

Yes, it’s merry, merry Christmas,

it’s time for hanging stockings,

It’s time for riding sleighs,

I promise to be very, very good.

I promise to do the things I should.

I promise to make my bed each day.

I promise to put my things away.

I promise not to throw my socks on the floor.

I promise to put my socks in the drawer.

I promise to do my homework right.

I promise not to stay up late at night.

I promise to listen to my mom and dad.

I promise not to do anything bad.

Oh, I love you merry Christmas,

You’re the best of holidays!


Hooray! Hooray! It’s New Year’s Day!

The day we start anew.

So this year I’ve decided

To become a kangaroo!


Or maybe I will learn to fly,

Or how to walk through walls,

Or how to turn invisible,

Or surf on waterfalls.


I’ll make myself elastic 

And I’ll teach myself to shrink 

I’ll turn into a liquid 

And I’ll pour me down the sink.


I’ll visit other planets

And meet aliens galore.

I’ll travel to the distant past

And ride a dinosaur.


I’ve got so many wondrous plans.

I’m starting right away.

Yes, this will be the best year yet.

Hooray! It’s New Year’s Day!


Gifts at Christmas

There are gifts to buy,

And gifts to make,

But there are other gifts


Being helpful,

Being kind,

And ready with a smile,

Being friendly,

Doing things to please

I've made up my mind

at Christmas time

I'm giving some of these!


Christmas is for children

at least that's what they say,

It's time of wide-eyed wonder,

a magic holiday.

When candy canes and gingerbread 

fill tummies with delight 

And little sleepyheads try hard

to stay up through the night.

Yes, Christmas is for children

anyone will tell you so.

The twinkling, colored  lights on trees

make youngsters' eyes just glow!

Each package and each stocking

is approached with childish joy

And toys bring lots of laughter 

from each eager girl and boy.

Yes, Christmas is for children

all they say is true.

How wonderful that at Christmas time

grownups are children, too!

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